Monday, 16 December 2013

Contributed: when we were close

People said that: human only know what they had best when,and only when they lose one.
In malay: "manusia hanya sedar apabila sesuatu miliknya hilang"
But for this post, uts not how I lost a person etc..
Never own this person,though cant say I lost him/her..
Never show this person to my world, therefore cant say I had locked him/her, neither cud I say I let this person away..
Just being me;a friend, and this person just being good,to me, as a friend..
Not a single human on earth knows my secret best, how this person is.. (100% sincere)
Never a person brings real me when I hide it tightly in my own world box..
Never a person tries to duscover the real me, as they tought how I show myself to them is 'me'..
I used to hear people vowed : ' l will take all the good in you and neglected the one bad in you"
But I had never think of I cud know how it is like, and why..
This post isnt how I felt on you, it just a saying that you made yourself a good friend I never had,and yes, the worst I knew (in certain part).. Just let me the only one who knows that..
If I were about to think back, for onebad you had done, you had made 1000 good deeds to me.. And I am so happy I could had the chance to know you..
To this person , who learn and adjusted him/herself about me, thank you,you never asked me to change;not even once, but yes, you do complains or comments,but you learned day by day about me..
To this person, I may not see this if I am not.this far, and if you didnt make your decision on your future..
To this person, this post is on you and how I appologized on everything. Being here makes me realized who always there when I stressed out, sorts of problems which you know what, when I needed to be crazy one(at most bz time),when I wanted a movie when no one is available..
Thanks and sorry.. This isnt a goodbye, this is what I called:
'we will meet again,one fine day,to be happy in oir own way..'
P/s: I am always a raven princess.. If know what it meant..

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Wonder how things happen??
Sometimes I do..
But most of it?? Guess?
I dont,or dont want to..

Life:things we wonder what will happen future,and what had happened b4.. Present? Trying the best for everything..

Time shows preciousness of it,only when we realised, how the similarities makes us still there..
Like you and me,we connected bcoz time gives us its preciousness..

When I realised how we still connected without us know what each other doing exactly, but then, when we found to get to know,we like the same thing and we done the same for evry second of our life.. Scary,spooky,but that is us.. I afraid the story of us had end,i afraid the story of us does not continue,but I am more afraid,the story had never ends,it just pending so that we can find our ways to get the perfect ending.. I prefer the best ending,but I must not hope high,too high might make us fall,to low will make us drowned..

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Hey, I am in indonesia!!

I've been taking a very long rest I guess.. Sorry for being not in this blogging for a while.. Yup,because this blog is about qalmi happiness, it is hard to make one post when u are through hardship..
Haha.. Dun get me wrong,its not that kinda hardship.. Its hardship because I have alot to do for this few months, final projects(finally done..with hardship too), working part times for my internships.. Andddd noww the best part!! Im doing internship in indonesia..
Well,certain may said that wat to brag,it just across the ocean.. Dude,thats the point, you get to know new culture..
Well,its been happy here,owh regardless I had food poison weeks b4.. Owh,its been a month im staying here,and I am so missing Malaysia.. Well,it is still tanah tumpahnya darahku kan? And I also miss my family and frens.. Owh esp my clique.. And my sis.. Haha.. Talked much with them when eva have time.. Yeah,im not very passionate in talking,but I miss them so.much that I cud say I talked too much..
Being in here makes me realised that we are almost the same,but we different. Y? Becos here,they took the principle of 'ikut resmi padi,makin berisi makin menunduk' they have been good to us Malaysian students and quite happy to have frens from different background like this..

And that is my proposal for having myself here.. Yea for me!! =D

Monday, 6 May 2013

to the person who called me 'a'

This is for you my once oji-sama,
I’m sorry if ever since we met,
Till the time flies and crushed the good relationship we made,
And until we become better,
But then, I realised that the upper ‘force’ had shown our destiny,
 If I ever made u mad at me..
We were once met when we were still in teen years,
We were good frens (think so as we can make jokes and it was good times though)
Then time flies and we split for a while,
Suddenly we met again and to be honest,
I missed the old times that I can be a person I used to be when I was teens..
Maybe that why I accept as u tried to get into my ‘life’
A life who I do not like to tell everyone on it..
A life where I don’t want anyone to know about..
But as u tried to, I gave u the opportunity,
And, as I though, there’s no one can accept that life..
Then we become bad as we had our own issue..
U with your own, me with mine..
But we never made it as an excuse to not be frens,
And at the end we try to settle our problems and we become like best friends,
I was very pleased to become one,
Of course, to make u came back to my ‘life’ is a big NO for me..
Its becoz I realised no one can accept it,
Still thought of it though...
But one day, I pray to God: ‘if he is the one for me, bring him close to me, and let him be a person he could be’
But I guess I have the answer now,
And I hope u’ll be always a better person, had never stop pray for that u know..
And sorry if I ever made you life difficult, in sorts of ways..Never thought of being one though..
To my once oji-sama: u are a good person, and you know my weakness the most, I guess, as u know my life best..This post is all about u.. May the force be with u.. luv by your asya..

The darkside of a person

Eversince the song of Kelly Clarkson had been on radio and youtube,
I've been like forever love that song..
The title is darkside..
The most favourable lyrics was:
'have u ever had a darkside,wud u luv me,wud u luv mine'
Its like,telling us forever about each person have one..
Even if s/he never been one..
Sometimes, darkside isnt something to be shown,
Sometimes, it just need to be shown so that people know,
But for me, darkside is something you just should try to avoid of showing..
Its not as same as pretending, pretend is being someone who u isnt..
Darkside is more to like:you have a thing that people should not know..
For example,things that you know people can never help or aid you with anything..
You know people love you with who you are,just dont pretend..
Be one person who people can always be with..

Maybe I'm the raven princess anyway..

Remembered the tale of the prince, the raven princess, the duck and the storywriter?
Maybe this is another version of the duck that we didn’t know.
Maybe this is the real story of the duck...
Maybe all this while, the duck isn’t exists anyway..
Or maybe you need to sit back and try to understand the raven's story...

As the story begins....
As you can see, I’m Rue, the raven princess..
Yes, at first people sees me as I’m perfect..
I can be the best in class, having the prince by my side,
And i have a lot of people likes me..
But, the swan princess came into my life..
To be exact, to the prince life..
I’m no more to the prince, as my whole life, he never rebels..
Ever since that I give a though to get my 'life'..
It’s been years before I can remember to become raven princess...
It’s her fault to give the prince his heart..
Or why not I help my prince..
And maybe i could ask for the king of raven's help..
Yes, just to make sure..

As I see how determined the swan princess was on getting back prince's heart,
The prince is more and more far away from me, this cant be happening...
Let me just be the princess who always be by oji-sama side...
This is why I’m interrupting swan princess who are kind hearted to give him all his heart..
Just stop it, I’ll take my place now...

One day, I could see how the prince suffered by me..
I though I made the right thing,
I just thought by being more aggressive i will never lose him..
I can be a better person,
If i can ever think back, I’ll wont become aggressive when i think back..
I want my prince, but I never want to be raven princess, even if its in my blood,
Even if I lose oji-sama, even if anything..
That feeling is not how I liked..
Can i by any chance, get rid of this..
The blood of the raven..

P/s:the raven princess never thinks that by being aggressive she might lose things,
       because she thought that she is already losing things, if only she help the swan princess,
       she might have the prince not in harsh way.. She might know that the swan princess only tries to help, even though she quite falling to the prince.. But things can be right without become the 'black' ones..

'Hey rue, I gave u back your prince, he’ll be all yours, coz I’m just a duck..'-quack

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Hello everyone..
Rain is a weather that sometimes we humans less likely to like because some works may be restricted..
But.. in other way round, it gives us the feeling to hibernate.. =p
Anyway, I remembered of one story, how bout reading a story today?
It helps in remembering old things I guess..

That afternoon,
A girl drove her car and she was searching for a place to put her car..
Searching for a near place to where she will be going as its pouring cats and dogs on that time..
Once she found it, she pull the car over and park it neatly..

Once the car was parked,a blue umbrella was seen when she opens the door..
And the girl was wearing dark blue jeans,red T-shirt and leopard  scarf..
She was wearing heels,regardless how was the rain was pouring heavily..
She makes her move to her favorite bracelet shop..

While she was  walking under the rain,
She saw things happen few years ago..
The first time she went out with her friends..
The day she tries to know a person better..

She smiles all the way to the shop...
Well,some must say that she is crazy..
'How can I hide this smile when I'm thinking of you?'
That is all she could think of..

That day,the day she was with her friends..
She was happy to be with them,as bright as the sun shines on that day..
She was happy to know them better,as much as they do the talking all day..
And she was very happy to see him..

She remembered how much that place gives them memories..
She remembered how she was back then..
She remembered how much she spend that day..
Not in terms of money,but in terms of time..

The time she spend for them is priceless for her..
No money can replace this time she had spend with them..
Nothing can replace the memories..
'How I missed U', she whispered to her own heart

'This rain shows how much I remembered you,
It tries to stop,
But it will flow due time to time,
Till we meet again, my memory'

P/S: memories are good sign of the past.. It means you have history, good and bad, but it will always makes you know about yourself..