Monday, 16 December 2013

Contributed: when we were close

People said that: human only know what they had best when,and only when they lose one.
In malay: "manusia hanya sedar apabila sesuatu miliknya hilang"
But for this post, uts not how I lost a person etc..
Never own this person,though cant say I lost him/her..
Never show this person to my world, therefore cant say I had locked him/her, neither cud I say I let this person away..
Just being me;a friend, and this person just being good,to me, as a friend..
Not a single human on earth knows my secret best, how this person is.. (100% sincere)
Never a person brings real me when I hide it tightly in my own world box..
Never a person tries to duscover the real me, as they tought how I show myself to them is 'me'..
I used to hear people vowed : ' l will take all the good in you and neglected the one bad in you"
But I had never think of I cud know how it is like, and why..
This post isnt how I felt on you, it just a saying that you made yourself a good friend I never had,and yes, the worst I knew (in certain part).. Just let me the only one who knows that..
If I were about to think back, for onebad you had done, you had made 1000 good deeds to me.. And I am so happy I could had the chance to know you..
To this person , who learn and adjusted him/herself about me, thank you,you never asked me to change;not even once, but yes, you do complains or comments,but you learned day by day about me..
To this person, I may not see this if I am not.this far, and if you didnt make your decision on your future..
To this person, this post is on you and how I appologized on everything. Being here makes me realized who always there when I stressed out, sorts of problems which you know what, when I needed to be crazy one(at most bz time),when I wanted a movie when no one is available..
Thanks and sorry.. This isnt a goodbye, this is what I called:
'we will meet again,one fine day,to be happy in oir own way..'
P/s: I am always a raven princess.. If know what it meant..

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